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Week 1: Top-10 moments of the 2011 Tour de France

The first week of the 2011 Tour de France has already been one giant rollercoaster of a ride. With the first chapter of the Tour closing in Chateauroux Friday, and the second chapter beginning in the Massif Central Saturday, we thought it appropriate to take a quick look back at the top-10 most impressive moments of the first week. Who doesn’t love a good top-10 list?

10. Horner riding it in despite concussion

RadioShack’s Chris Horner was among the unfortunate victims of a late-race pileup on stage 7. He hit his head hard, and was in a ditch for some time as the race charged up the road.

After finally remounting, Horner rode alongside the race medical car, where a doctor gave him a quick vision and awareness check, holding up fingers for him to see and so forth.

After finishing in a gruppetto 12 minutes back, Horner was clearly dazed when riding through the Tour’s typical crowded chaos just past the finish.

What’s so impressive? Go outside and spin around 30 times while hitting yourself on the head with a baseball bat, and then try to ride your bike.

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