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Quick Look: Easton EA90 XC 29er Wheelset

Finally back at the home base and found that the FedEx man made a drop while I was out on the road: An Easton EA90 XC 29-inch wheelset. Sweet!

These puppies will get a thorough thrashing over the next several weeks, so check back in to see how they held up. Meanwhile, what we’re looking at is Easton’s top-of-the-line alloy wheelset, which retails for about $950. The EA90 XC two-niners tip the scale at 1697 grams and are out-of-the-box UST, so no fuss or muss with rim tape or whatnot.

While we’ll be running the 15×100 on the front, the hub can also be configured to handle a 9mm QR. Easton has also upped the internal rim width to 19mm, which will allow for an enhanced tire profile.

So, check out Singletrack.com in a few weeks on our take of the Easton EA90 XC wheelset.

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