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RAAM Updated: Solo racers enter the second half

Solo women

First. (under age 50) LEAH GOLDSTEIN (Israel): 1,582.50 miles, 5 days, 16 hours, 5 minutes, average speed 11.63mph

While she’s essentially racing against only the clock — the only other rider in her category dropped out back at Kayenta, Arizona), Goldstein continues to put in a stunning ride. While her current overall speed average of 11.63mph is short of the records of six-time female solo Seana Hogan — her best was 13.23mph —Goldstein’s pace is the fastest in years, possibly since the reign of Hogan. On Monday Goldstein was east of El Dorado, Kansas, on her way to the 1,646 mile mark at Yates Center, Kansas.

First (age 50+) KATHY ROCHE-WALLACE (USA): 1,200.9 miles 5 days, 11 hours, 6 minutes, average speed 9.16 mph

Like Goldstein, Roch-Wallace is the sole survivor of her category — Janet Christiansen and Debbie Tirrito each pulled out back in Arizona. While this is her first involvement with RAAM, she’s an experienced endurance athlete, having done the 24 National Challenge in Michigan, Primal Quest, some 10-Day Adventure Races and a Triple Ironman. She even did a personal challenge of doing five Ironmans in five days. There’s an organized 10 Ironmans if 10 days in Mexico called “La Decca,” but since she wasn’t able to do that she decided to do it all on her own. “I really wanted to do ten successive days of full Ironman distances,” she said, “But I only made it to five. The hard part was being by myself. Without the other athletes out there it’s really hard to stay mentally focused.”

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