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New Gear: SRAM XO DH

SRAM XO: DH derailleur

Back in April SRAM trotted out its changes to the XO line, now rendered in chrome and polished silver — XO Silver. Along with that, the SRAM crew introduced an all-new, lighter weight carbon crank. All this was aimed at trail riders.

Then in May it was a redesign of the company’s Avid brakes — XX and XX World Cup to be exact. The company says you’ll see improved performance while they’ve shaved off more weight.

Now in June we see another subset out of the X0 family, which features SRAM’s first carbon downhill race crank and DH-specific derailleur.

The rear derailleur is designed to provide fast and precise shifts for the close-ratio cassettes used on DH race rigs, 4X and jump bikes. The X0 DH drivetrain provides increased crank stiffness and shifting reliability for aggressive terrain powered by a sub-800g carbon crank tested by top World Cup pros.

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