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IMBA Seeks Trail Access Support in Marin

Nothing gets as dicey as trail access issues in the birthplace of mountain biking — Marin County, California.

So when the International Mountain Biking Association calls for riders to rally around bicycle access on a trail in Marin, you can bet there’ll be stiff opposition.

Public comments are now being accepted and due by June 3 on the long-awaited Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (read the 238-page report) regarding bike access on Bill’s Trail, in California’s Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

Bill’s Trail is a relatively short out-and-back ride, but the eight-mile route may hold the key for improved mountain bike access throughout California’s expansive state park system.

A post on IMBA’s web site said the Bill Trail effort is a chance to establish an important precedent.
“Bill’s Trail is very well suited for shared-use among hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers, but anti-bike groups have pledged to sue the state if steps are taken to allow bikes access,” according to a post on IMBA’s web site.

The draft environmental report allows everyone, including cyclists, to speak in favor of California State Park’s analysis that mountain biking would be a desirable new use of Bill’s Trail, with only moderate impacts to the natural world, according to IMBA.
We need to let California State Parks know that our community supports their vision of improved access for mountain biking. Bill’s Trail is just the beginning.

Go to IMBA’s web site for more information and to take action.

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