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Nevada-Reno hosts WCCC

RENO, Nev. (VN) — The ninth week of collegiate racing for the WCCC continued on the weekend of  April 9-10, hosted by University of Nevada-Reno. The driving distance of the race had deterred many from attending the race, but still a significant amount flocked to Northern Nevada to attempt to gain points for their team.

Omnium leader UC-Davis showed up in force as an attempt to secure and hold  their first-place omnium standing against powerhouse Stanford, who were only marginally behind in points.

The criterium was based in a small business park in the heart of  Reno on a wind-filled day, giving riders either a tailwind or headwind as they raced through every corner.  Riders were given the opportunity to race the D-shaped criterium,  ending with a sharp corner to a long straight away finish, giving  riders  the chance to display their sprinting prowess .

The men’s A race started off with Mackenzie Champlain,(UCLA)  launching a bold attack on the second lap, and bringing along Sam Bassetti (UC Davis), Eric Lau (Stanford), Scott Ferguson (UNR), Tony Rodriguez (UC Davis), and Joseph Iannarelli  (Cal State University-Sacramento). Since almost every team was represented in this breakaway, the field slowed down to a halt, and finally, the break had lapped the field halfway into the one-hour criterium. Sam Bassetti(UC-Davis) sprinted to first place, while  Eric Lau(Stanford) placed second, and Scott Ferguson(UN-R) was third.

The women’s A race started off at an aggressive pace as the first attack came early after the first preme. Danielle Haulman (UC-Davis) and Karianne Burns (UC-Davis) attacked, and with every corner, the duo were gaining time against the field.  Riders in the field were motivated to chase the breakaway down, but  other UC-Davis riders in the field foiled any feeble attempt to chase down the break. Karianne Burns(UC-Davis) outsprinted her teammate for first, as Danielle Haulman placed second, and Fiona Strouts (Stanford) was third.

In the women’s C field, Alicia Halpern(UC-Davis) was first, Amanda Descagnia(UC-Davis) second, and Jordan Applegarth(UC-Davis) third.

As the men rolled out, a quick turn of unfortunate events occured in the first kilometer. Alexander Yeh(Stanford), leader of the men’s A Omnium, crashed out, taking him out of contention for the day’s race.  Soon after, a breakaway of six highly motivated riders rolled away from the field. The break consisted of Bryan Larsen (UC-Irvine), Joe Dickerson (UC-Davis), Jordan Kestler (UC-Berkeley), Nils Johnson (UC-Davis), Kwan Luu (UC-Los Angeles), and Mackenzie Champlain (UC-Los Angeles), where they gained significant time on the field, until a motivated field organized to catch them at the  22-mile turnaround mark.

Then, Joseph Iannarelli (Cal State University-Sacramento) launched a daring solo attack after the  turnaround point only to be reeled in at the next turn around point at mile 44.  During the second lap, riders were looking fatigued, but still, there were constant accelerations  as an attempt to establish a break , but to little avail.

Finally, a break and stuck   onsisting of Eric Lau (Stanford), Sam Bassetti (UC-Davis), Nils Johnson (UC-Davis), Elliot Hawkes (Stanford) , and Jordan Kestler (UC-Berkeley).  Again, with a highly motivated field, the break was reeled back in at the  66-mile turnaround point.

With 22 miles remaining,  the field was  at an uneventful state, until two riders, Nils Johnson (UC-Davis) and  Elliot Hawke (Stanford),  rode off the front establishing the winning break of the day. The field sat up, and Johnson took first, followed by Hawkes, with Eric Lau (Stanford)  placing 3rd.

In the women’s C race, Erica McKenzie(UC-Davis) was first,  Amanda Descagnia(UC-Davis) second, and Nicole Carlevato(UC-Davis) third.

In the men’s B race, Jon Lexa(University of California-Los Angeles) placed first,  Ben Palmer (UC-Davis) secon, and Jonathan Penaloza(UC-Davis) was third.

In the men’s C race, John Caffery (UC-Davis) won, followed by Alex Neigher (UC-Davis) in second, and Christopher Hart (UC-Davis) third.

In the men’s D race, Ryan Velarde(University of California-Irvine) was first, Kevin Lockwood (UC-Davis) second, and Alex Young, (UC-Davis) third.

In the women’s B field,  Diana Lin(Stanford) was first,  Eileen Mazzochette (Stanford) second, and Christine Weir (UC-Santa Cruz) third.

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