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Behind the Photo: Compton's Scary Sting

Veteran cycling photographer Tom Moran caught the exact moment Katie Compton was stung by a bee and the ensuing life-threatening moments. Click on the photo for the entire sequence. Photo by Tom Moran

Leave it to veteran cycling photographer and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member Tom Moran to catch the moment when Katie Compton was stung on the neck by a bee.

Seconds after the sting, cycling powerhouse Compton was on the deck slipping into anaphylactic shock. Moran explained the scene behind the scene on Saturday during the elite women’s cross-country event at the Sea Otter Classic. Look closely and just above Compton’s index finger the offending insect can be seen… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHOLE PHOTO SEQUENCE

Could have been anywhere on that XC course on Saturday, but I just happened to bear witness to Katie Compton actually getting  stung by the bee that ended her race that day.

Some quick-thinking by a fellow named Shane Johnson may have saved her life; another spectator, David Jenkins, supported and comforted Katie while Johnson ran down the hill to the heart of the Sea Otter venue — started yelling that a racer had a bee sting.

Another spectator had an Epi-pen and handed it over, while Johnson ran back to Compton and another spectator actually administered the drug.

So four random folks contributed to helping Katie in her time of need. The paramedics arrived about nine minutes after the sting.”

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