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Campagnolo offering 11-speed components for aero bikes

Campagnolo aero bike components - carbon bar-end shifters
The 11-speed carbon bar-end shifters

For 2012, Campagnolo now offers complementary components to its derailleurs for time trial bikes. The time trial line consists of time trial-specific bar-end shifters, base-bar brake levers, cranksets and brake calipers, in both 10-speed and 11-speed configurations.

The bar-end shifters are available in 155g carbon or 167g aluminum 11-speed models and in aluminum only (same 167g weight) for 10-speed. They feature “Back to Zero Position,” returning the lever to pointing straight ahead (and parallel to the wind) after each shift, like SRAM’s R2C aero shifters. The starting position of the lever is adjustable for comfort and ergonomic efficiency.

Three cogs at a time in either direction can be shifted with a single lever swing, and an internal spring reduces shifting force required. The left lever has micro indexing clicks like a left Ergopower lever to trim the front derailleur to eliminate rub in any gear combination. The cables are routed externally, rather than through the center of the bar-end plug, making cable installation faster (but, of course, not routing the cable down through the end of the base bar).

Campagnolo aero bike components - base bar brake lever in carbon
The brake levers swoop inward for comfort

Engineers at Campy Tech Lab say they have come up with a new crankset with oversized TT chainrings without sacrificing any rigidity relative to a Campy crankset with 53/39 chainrings.

X.P.S.S. technology (Extreme Performance Shifting System) shift ramps and rivets separated into eight upshifting and two downshifting zones of the large chainring, along with improved tooth shapes, are intended to provide consistently accurate and fast shifting, even under load and despite their large size. The TT crankset will be available in Super Record (steel or titanium-spindle versions), Record and Chorus models and will be offered in 42/54 and 42/55 chainring combinations.

Campagnolo superlight aero-profile brake levers for base bars with integrated quick release buttons will be available in carbon (85 grams) or aluminum (106g) versions. Ergonomics have been enhanced by virtue of an inward curvature of the lever.

Resembling the Tektro Quartz time trial U-brakes, Campagnolo also offers little black-anodized, forged aluminum road U-brakes designed to hide from the wind better. To best fit the wide variety of time trial bikes and the small spaces afforded for brakes on them, the Campy U-brakes are available in a lateral-pull version for the front and center-pull or lateral-pull for the rear, and the cable can enter from either side in the lateral-pull setup.

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