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Watch It: Follow Me

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There was a time when throwing in a bike DVD offered great motivation on a chilly, snowy spring evening. It’d usually provide a different kind of goosebumps than what Old Man Winter had to offer, spark endless daydreams of riding like the rippers in the videos, and inevitably cause some type of bike-related acquirement motivated by what was witnessed in said video.

But thanks to the guys at Anthill Films, those times are now long gone. After watching guys like Kurt Sorge send backflip cross-ups over disgustingly huge gap jumps out in Kamloops, Brandon Semenuk make the technical Sunshine Coast trails look like a trip to the Kwiky Mart even while wearing his little sister’s jeans, and Sam Hill completely ignoring the whole “Follow Me” title theme and dropping Thomas Vanderham on his own North Shore trails, all I want to do now is put my bike up on eBay.

Thanks guys, thanks a lot.

Oh, and Cam McCaul — it’s good to see that you like riding down in Baja so much.  After I call the US Division of Child Labor, that may be your only option outside of hard time, you sick, sick individual.

Follow Me Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak from Anthill Films on Vimeo.

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