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Must Reads: Saíz on the comeback trail, Lange retires

Europa Press: Saíz continues with comeback talks

Controversial sport director Manolo Saíz continues to plot a comeback to cycling’s elite level, telling Europa Press in a radio interview he wants to mount a comeback: “People say to me, ‘how will you be welcomed back by your colleagues?’ I can guarantee you that all of them will look away. Because they know that I know a lot of them, and they know that they haven’t been fair with me. Be assured that it will be me who looks them in the eye, not them. Lange to retire

One of South Africa’s most durable pros, Malcolm Lange, will retire on Sunday. reports that Lange, who is the owner of Team Bonitas Medscheme, a South African-based, internationally registered professional team, will shift his focus to building his team and sports management business, Lange Sports, which he co-owns with his wife Jackie. Lange retreated back to South Africa after being scared off at what he saw in Europe in the mid-1990s: “It was in 1996, my first year as a professional on a Belgian squad, that I realized that in Europe at that time, no matter how much talent or natural desire you had for success, if you didn’t find a good doctor, you were unlikely to find a podium. Some may think this is an excuse for not making it big in Europe, but it’s true and it’s being revealed more and more in the media these days. I opted to rather race honestly in South Africa than dishonestly there.

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