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Tech FAQ: Cogs, Cassettes & Calipers

Dear Lennard,
I just read an interesting article about Specialized prototyping a 1X10 system that uses a 9x36t cassette. I think this system has potential; here’s the

Here’s my question: Shimano makes a rear hub that will take a nine-tooth small cog called Capreo. Sheldon Brown’s web site even mentions it.

I’ve been looking over the tech documents for the Capreo rear hub and SLX rear hub. Do you know or can you find out if the Capreo freehub body will fit on the SLX hub shell? Or other Shimano model hub shell?

The reason I’d want to try is because the Capreo hub doesn’t come with disc mounts. I love to tinker, but would rather know before trying to buy all the necessary parts.

TechWidgetDear Noel,
I’ve never disassembled a Capreo freehub to know if it can be bolted onto an SLX, XT, or XTR hub. I got this response from Specialized’s Nic Sims about it: “I heard back from Jason Chamberlain about the DH cassette, and you are right; it is a custom cassette body, Capreo style, made by DT for us. At the moment we are testing these with a few of the athletes; there is not a lot more I can say about it at the moment. -Nic”

Dear Lennard,
I used to be mostly a roadie but lately I have rediscovered mountain biking, particularly all-mountain riding. I was tinkering around with the disk brakes on my girlfriend’s bike a few days ago, and she asked me if brakes and calipers from different makers could be mixed and matched. For example, could I use a 180mm Magura rotor with an Avid caliper (provided the caliper is set up to be used with an (Avid) 180mm rotor)? I had to confess I had no idea about the answer, but I promised to find out! Many thanks, and keep those fantastic tech reports coming!

Dear Santiago,
Given that the two hub mounting platforms and the frame mounting specs are standardized, and that the diameter and thickness of rotors of the same listed size from different manufacturers, generally, they are compatible. I have had problems in the past with 160mm Avid rotors on a Hayes brakes, due to the early Avids being slightly taller and draggin on the inside of the caliper. But generally I switch rotors around a lot between manufacturers without sizing issues.

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