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UCI says bike approval program is not a money maker

UCI-approved labelThe UCI on Monday said its frame and fork approval program is not intended to be a money maker for the organization.

As reported in VeloNews previously, the UCI told manufacturers last month that it was modifying the program from its original plan after manufacturers complained about some aspects.

The changes include a cost reduction for manufacturers.

“It is important to note that the amounts mentioned are to cover the costs of approval,” the UCI explained in its communiqué Monday. “The UCI will not make any benefit from this process. The price to be paid by the manufacturers could be adapted in the future depending on the evolution of the project’s finances.”

There are now three procedures for approval instead of two:

  • Comprehensive for time trial “mono-block” (carbon monocoque) models used in road and track events
  • Intermediate procedure for “mono-block” frames used in mass start events (this includes cyclocross)
  • Simplified procedure for “tubular” (welded or lugged) models

The “comprehensive procedure” will be reduced from 12,000 Swiss francs to 5,000. The “intermediate” will cost 3,000 Swiss francs and the “simplified procedure” dropped from 800 to 500 Swiss francs.

All prices apply, as before, to eight sizes per model. To add additional sizes the price will is determined by the procedure used to approve the previous eight sizes. So, an additional “comprehensive” size will be 500 Swiss francs, 250 for “intermediate” and 50 for “simplified.”

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