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Must Reads: Voigt calls for boycott over radios, Boonen ready for classics, and more

Sporten.tv2: Voigt calls for worlds boycott over radios

Leopard-Trek’s Jens Voigt, who knows a bit about pain, says riders may have to inflict some to get the UCI to reconsider its radio ban. ” ‘If nobody will listen, then we must make it pain-filled, so people think: ‘It hurt. Maybe we should listen next time,’ “ Voigt tells the Dutch sports site. “Imagine all the world’s journalists were suddenly told: From now on, do not use laptops, the Internet or pencils. Would you consider taking it seriously. Of course not!” says the German.

Sporza.be: Boonen ready for the classics

The Belgian star tells the paper, “”The opening weekend has never been my priority, but usually I’m OK. I can not complain about the winter so I’m at the level expected. I want to play a significant role next weekend. Meanwhile, Belgian broadcaster Michel Wuyts tells the paper Boonen was humiliated at Flanders last year. “He will not admit it himself, but he will be out for revenge,” Wuyts says.

Het Nieuwsblad: Steegmans says Boonen is undisputed team leader

Gert Steegmans (30) showed great form at the Tours of Qatar and Oman. But Quick Step’s new hire says when the its classics time, he will be riding in support of Tom Boonen. “Tom is the leader of the team, it is obviously not changed. In the races we talk to each other honestly, everyone says how he feels. The atmosphere is excellent,” Steegmans rode for Quick Step in 2007 and 2008, before going to Katusha and RadioShack. He says he may be mellower this time around.A person gets older and learns. Maybe I used to be a perfectionist, too demanding for everyone. Maybe I did not understand what I know: that it is not so bad at Quick Step.”

Bleacher Report: Renshaw makes “Worst Headbutts” list

The sports blog says Renshaw’s stage 11 “I’m-here, dude” helmet knocking warrants mention along with hairpulling soccer players and the antics of Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson.

Walter-ruett.de: Velodrome fire remembered

Who was Walter Ruett? That’s what Bernd Wagner would like to tell you. Wagner runs a website devoted to the legendary German 6-day rider (1883-1964) and recently added a restored film showing the fire that destroyed Ruett’s home track in Berlin in 1931.

Huntsville Times: Alabama cyclists are fed up

Alabama cycling advocate Morgan Andriulli penned an op-ed for the Huntsville Times, inspired by the rear-ending of Ernie Wu on December 29. Wu was hit while riding at night, despite wearing a reflective jacket and using an expensive lighting system. “The driver of the car, who has not been charged, told police he did not see Wu before he hit him … These tragedies are NOT accidents. A seized axle steering an old Toyota into a school bus, shoving it off a freeway bridge, is an accident. A passenger jet flying through a flock of geese and landing in the Hudson River is an accident. Running into plainly visible cyclists and pedestrians in perfectly clear conditions is gross negligence.”

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