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Enticing Amateurs to Marathon Worlds

On the marathon course in Montebelluna, Italy. Courtesy photo
On the marathon course in Montebelluna, Italy. Courtesy photo

Along with the elite riders vying for 2011 Marathon World Championships in Montebelluna, Italy, amateur racers — particularly those from abroad — have something to shoot for.

Race organizers have come up with the Mundialito, a team classification for amateur riders only, with prize-money that could help defray travel expenses. Montebelluna is in the Veneto region of Italy not far from Venice.

Final ranking for the June 26-27 racing is based on three criteria: the geographical distance from Montebelluna of the participating team; the number of athletes who are able to finish the race and the single positions each team member achieves.

The distance criterion assigns a certain amount of points (the most points are given to the teams coming from abroad). To those points there will be added points for every single athlete who finishes the race (5 points for the Classic course and 10 points for the Marathon course) and points for each athlete that achieves a top-15 position (on the Marathon course the winner gets 40 points and the 15th still gets 2 points, on the Classic distance the points go from 25 to 1 point for the 15th).

The winning team will be awarded the Mundialito Cup along with cold, hard cash aimed at motivating racers from abroad to head to Italy. The winning team will carry off prize-money of € 2,500 (appx. $3,300), the second ranked team will take € 2,000 (appx. $2,600), the third € 1,500 (appx. $2,000) € 1,000 to the fourth ($1,000), € 500 (appx. $670) to the fifth and € 250 (appx. $330) will go to each team from sixth to tenth place. The rules for the Mundialito Cup can be found on www.gunnritamarathon.com

There will be two different courses for the amateurs to choose from, the Classic course and the Marathon course.
The Classic distance covers 52.3km with 1,310m of climbing and  five feed zones.
Athletes racing the Marathon distance will travel 78km with 1,980m of climbing. The course has seven feed zones.

There will be two courses for the professional riders fighting for the rainbow jersey as well.
The men will have to tackle 115.7km with 2,860m of elevation. The women will race 98.3km with 2,290m of climbing.

The Mundialito is a great chance for all foreign bikers to combine their passion for fat tires with a short stay in the region of Veneto and a visit to Venice.

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