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Get Stoked: 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo


So, you may not be one of the 1,850 riders set to take on the 12th annual Kona Bikes 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, set for Feb. 19 outside Tucson, Arizona, but if you’re reading this in some snow-covered landscape the video below will inspire.

Todd Sadow of Epic Rides — organizer of Old Pueblo, Whiskey 50 and other venerable events — said the 24-hour race sold out in record time this year. In fact, he said the race is now the largest 24-hour mountain bike event in the country. But the race itself is but one facet of what Sadow describes as “a huge party that happens to have a mountain bike race going on nearby.”

The event expo area includes more than 30 vendors including brands like CamelBak, Kona Bikes, NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems, SRAM and Strider Sports.

If you didn’t pull the trigger for 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, don’t beat yourself up, there’s another early season event, the Whiskey 50, set for April 29 – May 1 in Prescott, Arizona. And there are still spots available, check that out here.

Enough said; watch this and get inspired…

Kona Bikes 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo from Vladimir Chaloupka on Vimeo.

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