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UCI will ‘completely ignore’ banned rider at Rotterdam race

The UCI on Thursday said it would ‘completely ignore’ banned rider Belgian Iljo Keisse at the 6-Days of Rotterdam track race, which started Thursday evening. Keisse, despite being banned from racing by the UCI for a 2008 doping violation, appealed to a Dutch civil court, which earlier Thursday authorized his entry to the race.

The UCI says the rider tested positive for banned drugs at the 2008 6-Days of Ghent. The Belgian cycling federation declined to suspend him, but the UCI appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which imposed a two-year ban.

“The UCI maintained (its) decision that Iljo Keisse is not allowed to participate to the Rotterdam Six Days. If the rider would take the start after all, the UCI Commissaries will completely ignore him and his team (their names won’t appear on starting list and results of the race),” the UCI said in a communique.

On the event web site, race organizer Boele Frank said, “There is no other option for us but to respect the court ruling. It’s time to go cycling in Ahoy and enjoying beautiful cycling.”

Keisse was a silver medalist in the 2007 world championship points race. He and teammate Robert Bartko won the Rotterdam six-day in 2007. The pair was third in 2008.

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