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UCI-Approved bikes? Not quite yet …

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The UCI has delayed the implementation of its new frame and fork approval process until February 1st and will then present a revised version of the process.

The initial reaction to the approval process was extremely negative from the cycling industry. Criticisms included costs in the $14,000 range per model as well as delays in the manufacturing process. Some industry figures said that the UCI was simply trying to generate revenue and that there was no “added value” associated with having their products approved as the UCI has asserted.

However, after the most recent meeting between the cycling industry, the World Federation for the Sporting Goods Industry and the UCI, many industry people left feeling that they had been heard by the UCI for the first time ever.

The UCI’s technical coordinator, Julien Carron, confirmed the positive exchange in a letter to the industry announcing the delay. “The UCI has decided to modify certain points of the procedure. We will contact you again before the end of next week in order to inform you of a procedure that has been adjusted to take your contributions into account.”

Carron then thanked those who attended the January 13 and 14 meeting in Aigle, Switzerland for their comments.

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