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Must Reads: Contador decision may be delayed, Armstrong untroubled,

AS.com: Contador decision could be delayed until February

Sources tell the Spanish daily that “what looked to be resolved this month of January, could be extended until February. Federal sources have confirmed that, given the complexity and implications of the process, the Committee will run out of time to decide.”

Sydney Morning Herald: Armstrong untroubled by investigation

Lance Armstrong tells Rupert Guinness he’s not letting the ongoing Novitsky investigation affect his day-to-day life. “I don’t let it affect me,” Armstrong told the Herald. “I have five kids to raise. I have a foundation to help run and lead. I still have, theoretically, a job — I ride my bike and train every day. It has no effect in what I do on a daily basis.”

Stuff.com: Graham Watson finds new home in New Zealand

Cycling photographer Graham Watson is spending the off-season in Nelson, New Zealand.
“It’s great to get away and you can’t get further away than New Zealand, it’s the opposite side of the world. I do work, I do quite a lot of work setting up things for the next season,” he tells the Stuff web site.

Le Parisien: Jeannie Longo considers retirement?

In an interview with the French paper, the gazillion-time champion says she lacks motivation for the coming season, and can’t even contemplate the 2012 Olympics. She said she’s growing more comfortable with the idea of retirement. I feel that it frightened me more last year. I am perhaps more philosophical this year. I see new horizons. What seemed unthinkable, like not training one day, I accept that much better.” She said she has been easing into retirement for several years. “To stop something so brutal, it’s not good. We must go more softly. Anyway, I’ve been stopping for a few years. Last year, I had only four goals. It’s like a semi-retirement.”

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