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Michael Rasmussen’s team secures UCI license

Michael Rasmussen, Designa Grand Prix, July 27, 2009
Michael Rasmussen, at last year's Designa Grand Prix.

The UCI has issued a Continental license to the new Christina Watches team of Danish cyclist Michael Rasmussen, the team’s owner announced on Wednesday.

Rasmussen was thrown out the 2007 Tour de France by his own Rabobank team while wearing the leader’s yellow jersey for lying about his whereabouts the previous month when he was being sought out for doping tests. He was subsequently suspended for that infraction by the UCI.

“We’re very happy to have obtained this license to move forward and prepare the season,” watch designer Christina Hembo, owner of the luxury Christina
Design London label told Danish television TV2 Sporten.

Hembo started up the new cycling team – Christina Watches – at the end of 2010 to help Rasmussen who wanted to return to the sport but could not find a team.

The 36-year-old Rasmussen will captain of the new team, which has a roster of 13 riders, including Daniel Vestergaard, Martin Lind, Jakob Madsen, Pelle Clapp, Jesper Odgaard and others.

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