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Another cyclist tests positive for clenbuterol, claims contamination

Another rider who tested positive for clenbuterol claims he was not doping.

The Danish cycling federation Tuesday revealed that Philip Nielsen, 23, of the continental Concordia team, tested positive for clenbuterol during the 2010 Vuelta a Mexico. Nielsen won stage 8 of the Mexican tour in April and both A and B samples have come back positive. His case now is making its way through the Danish disciplinary process.

Nielsen claims he was not doping, but did offer an excuse of how the banned product found its way into his system.

“I can safely say that I have not taken the substance knowingly. I have been fully aware of the team’s values and philosophy — which the team has always turned to — any kind of doping is cheating and not under any acceptable,” Nielsen said on the Danish cycling site. “I will not come up with strange opinions and theories on how I should have ingested the substance, because I do not know.”

Nielsen becomes the second rider to test positive during the 2010 Mexico tour. Italian Alessandro Colo (ISD-Neri) also tested positive, but he claimed that his test was triggered by eating contaminated meat in Mexico.

Italian officials in October gave Colo, 24, a reduced, one-year sentence in a ban that continues through May 20. In their ruling, they did not accuse Colo of doping, but they handed down a racing ban nonetheless.

The Nielsen case comes as Spanish officials consider what to do with Alberto Contador, who is facing a two-year ban and disqualification of his Tour de France crown after he tested positive for the substance en route to winning last year’s Tour.

A decision on the Contador case could come before the end of January, though Spanish officials certainly don’t seem to be in any rush to make a ruling.

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