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Alexander Kolobnev to receive Olympic medal

More than two and a half years after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Alexander Kolobnev will finally receive his bronze medal.

The Russian is expected to be awarded the medal during a Katusha team presentation in Moscow on Wednesday, team officials confirmed to VeloNews.

Kolobnev finished fourth in the Olympic road race but was bumped to third after silver medalist Davide Rebellin tested positive for CERA and was disqualified. Bronze medalist Fabian Cancellara was elevated to second place and received his medal last year in a ceremony with Swiss officials.

Kolobnev remained in the dark, however, and wondered if he would ever receive the medal. As late as last week, Kolobnev said he still had not heard from Russian authorities.

Kolobnev will be relieved that he finally has the medal, telling VeloNews earlier this month that he was growing exasperated with the ongoing drama.

“In the end I want to get this medal just to have it,” he said. “Everyone keeps talking about this medal, that it should be mine, but I don’t have it yet. So once I get it – if I get it – then I can put in my home next to the other prizes I have from cycling, and I can finally be happy. And I can finally forget about it!”

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