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UCI working with suppliers to develop list of rules-compliant cycling products

The UCI will soon begin maintaining an online list of cycling products that comply with its rules for competition, it announced Monday.

Manufacturers of approved products will be eligible to label them as such, and will be able to get products approved before manufacturing by working with a new liaison.

“The controversies over the conformity or otherwise of a particular piece of equipment as well as the banning of equipment at the start of races will once and for all be in the past,” the UCI promised in a press release.

In a recent interview with VeloNews‘ John Wilcockson, UCI president Pat McQuaid said the approval process came out of a new collaboration between the industry and the UCI. The new effort includes the hiring of Anders Manson, an engineer from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

“Now, manufacturers can come to (Manson) at an early stage — there’s obviously confidentiality involved here, but he’s working in a very professional way,” McQuaid said in the interview. “If they want to come with particular components, or whatever, they will come to him with their designs or new technology, and if he determines it’s not gonna be something that will aid the effort of the cyclist, he’ll say, ‘I’ll go to the UCI and you can go ahead with that process.’”

Manson and McQuaid met with the industry at the Eurobike trade show in Europe in September. In the press release, the UCI said the new system will give suppliers confidence that they invest in new technology and make it easier for UCI commissaires to approve bikes and products at races.

“Riders — from the professional athlete to amateur sportsmen and sportswomen — will be assured that they have acquired a model that conforms to the UCI regulation in force at the time of purchase,” the UCI said.

Frame and forks will be the first products to receive the UCI stamp of approval. Wheels, handlebars, saddles and clothing will come later. The UCI said it would soon publish “a constantly updated list of approved products — mentioning the name of the model and that of its manufacturer.”

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