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1. Redbull Rampage

Maybe big-hit hucking isn’t your bag. At its highest level, however, you just have to suspend judgment and gape in awe especially when it comes around only every couple of years. Of what do we speak? The Red Bull Rampage, of course.

From 2001 through 2004 the “freeriding” Rampage was held annually, but then shuttered because of rider risk-taking and the ensuing carnage. The event came back to the red-rock landscape of Virgin, Utah for the 2008 season with the introduction of man-made features, as was the spectacular, head-shaking case in 2010.

For those needing rules, the invite-only event has riders starting at one fixed point and then descending 1,500 feet to a set finish using any line they choose. Competitors are judged on their choice of lines, technical ability and their tricks.

For those needing to see gnarly wipeouts, well, take your pick. This year’s survivor — um, we mean winner — was American Cameron Zink.

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