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New Gear: Magura MT8 Disc Brakes

Magura is setting up a full-court press on its line of 2011 disc brakes, the highlight of which is the sexy MT8 and its full carbon master cylinder.

With the thoroughness you’d expect from a German outfit, Magura has gone all out on the MT8 by using proprietary materials that aim to make the unit stronger and lighter — from what we’ve been able to ascertain about 280g including rotor and hardware.

The company said it came up with a new material to take brakes where they’ve never been before – Carbotecture. Magura folks say Carbotecture is a injection-molding compound unlike conventional fiber-reinforced plastics or laminated carbon sheets. Instead it packs a “high concentration of carbon fibers embedded in its thermoplastic matrix which makes it half the weight of aluminum, yet considerably stronger, extremely resistant to impact and fracture, and gives it very high fatigue strength.”

Magura goes on to say the compound’s “tensile strength per density is twice as high as aluminum or magnesium and six times higher than that of steel or die-cast zinc.”

To use Carbotecture, Magura created a proprietary process — Carboflow — that allows in-house workers in Germany to maintain process reliability.

Look for a limited number — 888, of course — of the MT8 out on the streets in spring 2011. No word yet on price, but you can poke around on Magura’s Web site for more info.

The brake can be matched up with Magura’s new Storm rotor, which was introduced this fall. The Storm rotor comes in 203mm (147g), 180(124g), 160(95g), and 140(75g). It’s 6-bolt secured with a centerlock adaptor available.

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