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USADA announces another cycling suspension

Boulder-area racer Charles “Chuck” Coyle has accepted a two-year suspension after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency found that he had purchased and used synthetic erythropoietin (EPO) and insulin growth factor (IGF-1).

The 38-year-old Coyle was a part owner of the Boulder-based Hüdz-Vista Subaru cyclocross team and has been an active road, track and `cross racer for 20 years. Following the announcement of Coyle’s suspension, he relinquished his share in the team.

Soon after the suspension was announced, team owner and director Lance Johnson said that Coyle had resigned his position and waived his interests in Hüdz-Vista Subaru. Johnson also pointed out that the suspension relates to events that can be traced back to Coyle’s involvement in another team and should not reflect on the character or policies of Hüdz-Vista Subaru. Johnson later issued a more extensive statement reflecting the team’s position and expressing confidence in Coyle.

““Chuck is a good, generous person; he loves and respects the sport of cycling, so I can’t believe this is true,” Johnson said. “He called me as soon as this happened today and gave up his spot on the team, and surrendered his ownership interest for the good of the program. As a team we would never have anything to do with doped athletes, we will remain dedicated to racers who are fighting for a clean future for the sport we love.”

Coyle’s two-year suspension began on Wednesday, when he accepted the penalty after investigators presented evidence of purchases of illicit performance-enhancing drugs dating back to June 13, 2007. Under UCI and USADA rules, Coyle will be required to return any prizes earned since that date.

As was the case with another suspension announced Wednesday, Coyle’s case did not involve an analytical positive test, but was based on evidence of purchases of illicit performance-enhancing drugs supplied in other investigations.

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