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Nick Keough, Laura Van Gilder clinch 2010 MAC crowns

Nick Keough (Champion System-Keough Cyclocross) upset Valentin Scherz (Cyfac-Champion Systems) on Saturday at the first round of the Whitmore’s Super Cross Cup on Long Island.

Scherz’s third-place finish behind Keogh and Chris Hurst was good enough to clinch the Champion System MAC Series Championship for the second consecutive year as U23 riders swept the top four positions.

Laura Van Gilder (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) also clinched the Champion System MAC Series title by winning her seventh MAC race of the year.

Teammate Arley Kemmerer finished second with Katrina Dowidchuk (Team TBB-Deep Blue) third.

Complete results

Quick results

  • 1. Nicholas Keough, Champion System-Keough Cyclocross, at 57:53
  • 2. Chris Hurst,, at 0:00
  • 3. Valentin Scherz, Cyfac-Champion Systems Racing Team-Revolution, at 1:10
  • 4. Anthony Grand, Cyfac-Champion Systems-Revolution Wheelworks, at 1:12
  • 5. Christian Favata, Favata’s Tablerock Tours and Bikes, at 1:35


  • 1. Laura Van Gilder, C3 Athletes Serving Athletes, at 0:36:01
  • 2. Arley Kemmerer, C3-Athletes Serving Athletes, at 0:09
  • 3. Katrina Dowidchuk, Team TBB-Deep Blue, at 1:22
  • 4. Kristine Church, Human Zoom-Pabst Blue Ribbon, at 1:28
  • 5. Stacey Barbossa, Montclair Cyclists, at 2:26

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