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Interbike Bits: New Wheels and Rubber from WTB

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WTB upped the ante in its wheel line with the new Strykers. Available in 26- and 29-inch versions, the wheelset uses 7000-series aluminum rims, an updated WTB hubset, and triple-butted WTB spokes.

Targeted more towards the endurance crowd, the set weighs in at a claimed 1465-grams and will come to a local shop near you sometime in November with a $1,100 price tag. There will also be an all-mountain version for $1150, which will be a bit more stout, and compatible with 20mm hubs up front, as well as 12mm hubs in the back. All versions are tubeless, thanks to WTB’s simple, taped-off rim system.

In the tire department, WTB is going slightly against their reputation of designing tires specific to one type of trail condition and offering the Bronson, which is claimed to be a great, all-around set of rubber. According to WTB’s Jason Moeschler, most of the magic is in the tread pattern.

“Instead of having to use ridiculously sticky rubber for traction, we opted to design a better tread pattern,” Moeschler said. “This allows us to use a firm, durable compound, greatly improving tire life.”

The claimed key to the tire’s grip is a U-shaped side knob, which creates more surface area for bite, yet allows a bit more give than a standard square knob. We didn’t get a chance to take them for a spin, but hopefully in the near future we can let you know if they’ve succeeded in making a tire that’ll shine in multiple conditions.

The Bronson will be available in a 2.1 and 2.3 for 26 inch, and 2.2 for 29 inch, and retail for $55 and $65 for the Race and Tubeless, respectively.

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