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Tech Gallery – A visit to Assos headquarters

After a stop at the newest Assos showroom and retail store, the “manga.Yio” on the lake in downtown Lugano, we drove a few minutes up the road to the company’s home location. It’s a collection of three small buildings on the edge of a quiet neighborhood framed by vineyards. One of the buildings is actually the former home of Assos founder Tony Maier. In the early days, he and his wife ran the business from their home. As it grew, he added nearby space. But the headquarters still has the tranquil feel of a residence rather than a corporation.

A majority of Assos clothing production takes place in Slovenia and Bulgaria. Just a few years ago, a shop in Italy built some of the FI.13 shorts, but it’s no longer used by Assos. However, everything passes through Lugano, from raw materials to finished product. Even zipper pulls for the jerseys are ordered from Lugano, delivered to a warehouse here, and then re-shipped to the jersey shop in Slovenia. The goal is to keep close tabs on inventory, quality control, and avoid the potential for counterfeit and grey market product.

Here in Lugano, the company builds prototypes, special pieces (like national team kits for the upcoming World Championships) and performs pilot production on new clothing. Testing and quality control of finished pieces is also the responsibility of Lugano workers. Finally, all finished clothing from the off-site production is shipped and warehoused at a building just a few minutes from company headquarters.

Enjoy the photos.

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