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Lampre, ISD to join forces for 2011

In what’s already been a very busy season of new teams and new sponsors, there’s yet another major development in Italy that should have interesting implications going into 2011.

Lampre and the Ukranian-backed ISD have reached an accord to join forces going into next season that should give the united budgets a stronger presence in the international peloton.

In what sounds like a three-year deal, the team will ride as Lampre-ISD in 2011 and forge a new partnership between the ProTour and professional teams to create a new powerhouse going into next season.

“(The) Galbusera familiy, owner of Lampre company, and I were very glad about the interest showed by ISD towards our team because that is a sign that we worked in a proper way in cycling world,” said Lampre general manager Giuseppe Saronni in a team release. “Respecting our current sponsors, we evaluated with attention the project of the Ukrainian company, appreciating the passion and the good ideas showed. So, we reached an agreement that will be refined in the next week, knowing well that we’re building something important for cycling. The feeling between Lampre and ISD about sport matter could be extended to business field, too.”

Principals say that details will be released in the coming weeks, but with the new partnership, major riders such as Damiano Cunego and Alessandro Petacchi (Lampre) and former Italian national champion Giovanni Visconti (ISD) should be counted on to stay put.

ISD is a Urkanian mineral company and supported the professional continental team in 2009, earning a berth in the Giro d’Italia that year. This year, however, ISD was not invited to the Giro.

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