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Campagnolo introduces 2011 Super Record 11

Campagnolo, ever-present bastion of Italian style, has unveiled its 2011 Super Record group. The new parts shed about 100 grams from the already svelte 2009 group, down to less than 1900 grams, while making some positive design changes in the process. Pricing for the U.S. market is yet to be released.

2011 Super Record 11 shifters will be available with red, white or black hoods
2011 Super Record 11 shifters will be available with red, white or black hoods

The new Ergopower shifters weigh in at a claimed 330g and are built around a new body material. Campagnolo claims that ergonomics have been improved, providing greater hand support and easier movement of the brake and shift levers, as well as an insert for cyclists with larger hands. The Ultra-Shift internal mechanism allows 3-sprocket up shifting and 5-sprocket down shifting with a single stroke.

For those into color coordination, the shifters will now be available with white or red hoods in addition to the traditional black.

The full range of 2011 Campagnolo chainrings now incorporate 8 pins to lift the chain and two to lower it, making shifting more efficient. Supporting those new chainrings is the Ulta-Torque crankset, now available with a titanium axle that drops 40 grams compared to the standard steel option.

With a carbon fiber upper and lower body and ceramic bearings, the 2011 Super Record rear derailleur is a double-take inducing piece of equipment. Weight is only 155 grams, and metal is scarce other than a few bolts, including the new aluminum fixing bolt.

The six largest sprockets of the new Super Record eleven-speed cassette are titanium, and the entire cassette weights 177 grams. New for this year are double frames for the two largest sprocket triplets (the cogs are assembled in sets of three), resulting in greater sprocket rigidity and shifting precision.

The new Super Record brake retains the usual front dual-pivot and rear single-pivot option, but adds a rear dual-pivot option for those looking for more braking power. The new brakes also include lighter brake shoe holders and a new pad compound.

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