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Tested: Rock Shox Reverb Drop Post

Rock Shox Reverb


MSRP: $295
Weight: 515-grams, including remote (claimed)
Wait: Supposedly available sometime this September
Drop: 5-inches/125mm
Sizes Available: 30.9 and 31.6
Length: 380mm or 420mm

Offering five inches of hydraulic drop that is infinitely adjustable throughout its range, the Reverb offers by far the most saddle position selection of any drop-post we’ve ridden. Compression is smooth and easy, and rebound is not only equally smooth and easy but also offers adjustable damping via a barrel adjuster on the remote lever, which allows rebound speed to be dialed in.

Using a three-key anti-rotation design, the Reverb has the least amount of side-to-side shimmy of any drop-post we’ve witnessed, too. There is also an impressive seal system that is spring-energized and triple-lipped to keep trail debris out and oil in.

If you’re running SRAM, the Matchmaker interface for the remote is flawless. A separate Discreet Mount will be available as well, and though we didn’t get a chance to play with that one it appears to put the remote in similar position without taking up much more room on the handlebars. The hydraulic remote is also very smooth and saves weight over a standard cable-actuated remote.

Though we’ll have to wait and see how accurate the claimed weight is, if the Reverb comes in anywhere near a targeted 515-grams, including remote, this will make it the industry leader.

It’s not available yet, not even to us media-types short of getting to run one for a long weekend here and there.

As soon as they are available, assuming the claimed weight is accurate and there aren’t any major performance changes in the production version, you’ll have to wait in line behind me for one.

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