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Floyd Landis visits Amgen Tour, reportedly apologizes to Greg LeMond

Landis at ATOC on Saturday
Landis at ATOC on Saturday

Two days after shocking the bike world by admitting that he doped and accusing a long list of star cyclists of doing the same, Floyd Landis appeared at the Amgen Tour of California time trial in Los Angeles Saturday. And ESPN.com reports Landis called Greg LeMond Friday to apologize for an incident at his 2007 doping hearing.

Landis visited the OUCH tent along the Amgen time trial course with his supporter Dr. Brent Kay. Landis would not talk to reporters and sat facing away from the race most of the time.

ESPN.com reported Saturday that Landis had apologized to LeMond for an ugly incident during the 2007 hearing at which Landis appealed the cheating charge that saw him stripped of the 2006 Tour de France title.

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LeMond had been scheduled to testify about a telephone conversation with Landis, in which he believed Landis had tacitly admitted using performance enhancing drugs.

On the night before he was to testify, LeMond received an anonymous call threatening to reveal that he had been sexually molested as a child — something he had told Landis in their earlier conversation as a way of demonstrating the destructive power of secrets.

The call was traced to Landis’ personal manager, Will Geoghegan — a fact that was revealed during the hearing.

Landis told ESPN.com that he wanted to keep details of his conversation with LeMond private.

Agence France Presse contributed to this report.

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