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2010 Original Growler Complete Results

Growler logoThe 2010 Original Growler mountain bike race went down on Sunday, May 30. Over 300 riders were greeted by sunny skies in Gunnison, Colorado, and treated to 64 (or 32) miles of classic Hartman Rocks singletrack. Congratulations to all those who slayed the Growler; the long miles of technical (and sometimes soft) riding offered little relief. As one local rider put it: “Wiens really knows how to make you suffer.” Read more for full results.

Video of Growler start.

Overall Results

Full Growler Overall Men

Full Growler Overall Women

Half Growler Overall Men

Half Growler Overall Women

Results by Age Category

Full Growler Men 19–29

Full Growler Men 30–39

Full Growler Men 40–49

Full Growler Men 50–59

Full Growler Men 60+

Full Growler Men Singlespeed

Full Growler Women 19–29

Full Growler Women 30–39

Full Growler Women 40–49

Full Growler Women 50–59

Full Growler Women Singlespeed

Half Growler Men 19–29

Half Growler Men 30–39

Half Growler Men 40–49

Half Growler Men 50–59

Half Growler Men 60+

Half Growler Men Singlespeed

Half Growler Women 19–29

Half Growler Women 30–39

Half Growler Women 40–49

Half Growler Women 50–59

Half Growler Women Singlespeed

More Bark than Bite (men and women)

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