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Tech Gallery: David Millar’s new Felt TT bike

We haven’t received the full details from Felt or Garmin-Transitions, but David Millar is set to ride a new bike from Felt in the Giro d’Italia prologue on Saturday.

The new bike requires a closer look
The new bike requires a closer look

VeloNews’ Andrew Hood snapped some photos of Millar’s bike between press conferences in advance of the start. And there’s no mistaking a few modifications from the Felt DA that the team typically takes to TTs.

The new bike sports a revised downtube, seat tube, and rear triangle. The down tube looks deeper in cross section. It lacks the leading edge “bump” on the DA, which is made to smooth airflow off the front wheel. But all the same, the front wheel runs much closer to the down tube than it does on the DA bikes.

On the seat tube, just above the down tube/seat tube junction above the bottom bracket, there’s a slot for an aerodynamic water bottle. The seat tube itself looks deeper than that on the DA, and lacks the airfoil fill-in between the seat stay and seat tube junction.

On the rear triangle, both the seat stays and chain stays are much more deeply bladed in profile. The rear dropouts are still horizontal, rear entry as they are on the current DA TT bikes.

We’re digging for more information, but until then, enjoy the photos and see if you can spot more design elements on Millar’s new machine.

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