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Press Release: OUCH is new title sponsor of Bahati Foundation team

Press Release

An Open Letter to Cycling and the World from Dr. Brent Kay,

I am proud to announce that the OUCH Sports Medical Center is now the
co-title sponsor of the OUCH-Bahati Professional Cycling Team.  As
fate would have it, cycling has once again given me a golden
opportunity to work with the best athletes in the world.  Moreover our
sponsorship of the Professional Cycling team will be a great addition
to our involvement with the Bahati Foundation and the youth track
cycling program that I will direct at the Home Depot Center in Carson,
California this summer.

Cycling is the biggest and most powerful sport in the world and
together we can be a strong catalyst for changing the world we live
in.  In supporting the Bahati Foundation we look towards social change
in many areas of our culture.  As a Southern California native, I am
proud to support the development of the black youth of South Central
Los Angeles.  We are all aware of the difficulties our inner city
youth face in this great nation, but I am confident in our ability to
provide a pathway to leadership for them, whether through their
community, business, academics, athletics or other endeavors.

As an American I look forward to a day when peace, hope, respect and
forgiveness replace our current corporate culture of greed, lies,
deceit and destruction.  The wasteland of our latest recession is
proof that the time has come and the time is now.  This is about
action and results; together we will change the world.   I will take a
bullet for these kids and this program if that what it takes, it’s
that important for all of us.  It’s time to put up or shut up.

Our American Tour de France Champions have inspired us all with their
heroic efforts; from Greg LeMond’s dramatic first victory and
subsequent comeback from a shotgun wound to Lance Armstrong’s
unbelievable record breaking 7 wins following his battle with cancer
to Floyd Landis’ greatest athletic comeback of all time with a
severely arthritic hip.  This is America, this is who we are and the
story continues.  This is the inspiration that fuels my passion for
the Foundation.

Again I want to thank those that have inspired me to ever greater
leadership roles.  I am very proud of the work AEG Sports and Andrew
Messick have done in developing the Tour of California into the
biggest sporting event in the world.  Showcasing our great state and
nation through competitive cycling is a phenomenal achievement.  We
look forward to the day when we can represent the State of California
with our world class Los Angeles based professional cycling team and
prove that we are one of the best teams in the world.  Until then we
will just keep winning and giving.


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