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Head Shot: The ContourHD

By VeloNews.com • Updated
Easy helmet mounting
Very light, low profile
Laser alignment
Shaky video
Not real intuitive

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The ContourHD is light and sleek, making it easy to forget that you have a camera strapped to you noggin while riding. That can’t be said for any of the other cameras. This is a greater benefit than it would seem, but if you’re out on the trail all day less weight is better. And the ContourHD’s low profile doesn’t mean you have to be as hyper-vigilant about branches as you do with other units.

The simple play/pause sliding button is easy to use without taking off the helmet and can be operated easily with long-fingered cycling gloves. As far as audio ques, the camera gives loud beeps indicating play and pause, which is helpful in combination with the one-handed record ability.

The quality of the picture itself is good in comparison with the other cameras we tested. However, despite the quality, we had issues at times with the video being shaky on playback. Whether it was a loose mount while on the helmet or a technical issue, we just couldn’t quite pin down what was up.

Other than the V.I.O. camera and its on-board playback screen, the ContourHD was the only camera in the test group that even tried to help in aiming the unit. Built into the ContourHD are two red lasers in the lens, which rotates 180 degrees. By turning the lens with the lasers on, you know how the camera is lined up before recording.

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