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Cam Meyer to ride sculpted bar at track worlds

Meyer repeated his world title on Wednesday.

Garmin-Transitions rider Cam Meyer will be racing the track world championships for Australia on a distinctively shaped new handlebar from 3T.

The Sphinx is a UCI-friendly bar with a flat, aero top section and bends that raise up before curving down. In between the end of the hooks and the bends, the bars feature unique, thin, aero profiles.

3T's new Sphinx bars, developed with an assist from Cam Meyer of Garmin-Transitions. Photo courtesy 3T

3T developed the Sphinx — named after the flat-forearm position of points racers — with Meyer.

“We know Cameron through Team Garmin-Transitions,” said 3T technical director Richard McAinsh. “He came to us and explained how he rides the points race, alternating between level high speed and all-out sprinting. We saw the chance to use a new UCI-compliant aerofoil we were developing.”

With the raised bends, a rider can somewhat mimic a road position where the wrists are on the tops and the hands are on the lever hoods.

While the flat tops are not uncommon on road bars these days, the thin aero sections on the drop are very much track-specific.

The Sphinx will be available for sale this year.

“The main driver of the design was to get the aerofoil section inside the UCI’s 3:1 gauge,” McAinsh said. “We were already hard at work on that last summer when Cameron approached us with his ideas for a track-specific bar. We reckoned the new aerofoil was an ideal platform for a track bar too.”

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