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Kump wins Coppi stage, Ricco now fifth

Slovenian Mark Kump (Adria) won the fourth stage of the Semaine Internationale Coppi & Bartoli on Friday, outsprinting Lampre’s Simone Ponzi and De Rosa’s Claudio Corion on the 184km stage from Rovigo to Finale Emilia.

Liquigas’ Ivan Santaromita holds the overall lead heading into Saturday’s final stage, 1:43 ahead of Polish rider Przemyslaw Niemiec of Miche.

Riccardo Ricco (Ceramica Flaminia), in his comeback season following his doping suspension, is now fifth on GC. Ricco was third on stages 3 and 4, and was sitting in second on G.C. coming into stage 4, but lost 1:46 on the stage.

Stage 4:

1. Marko Kump (Adria), 183.8km in 4:20:59.
2. Simone Ponzi (Lampre) s.t.
3. Claudio Corioni (DE Rosa) s.t.
4. Francisco Jo Ventoso Alberdi (Carmiooro) s.t.
5. Davide D’Angelo (CDC) s.t.


1. Ivan Santaromita (Liquigas) 15 h 34:39.
2. Przemyslaw Niemiec (Miche) at 1:43.
3. Jose Rodolfo Serpa Perez (Androni) at 2:25.
4. Leonardo Bertagnolli (Androni) at 2:38.
5. Riccardo Ricco (Ceramica Flaminia) at 2:44.

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