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A Mexican license for Rock Racing?

By Phillip Heckler

Last fall Oscar Sevilla scored the overall win for Rock at Mexico's Vuelta a Chihuahua. Photo: Alex Aguirre

Pat McCarty and Tony Cruz were the two last American racers that were expected to race with Rock Racing in 2010. But McCarty is now expected to join the Yahoo team, and Cruz said he doesn’t know what is happening with the team he signed on with.

Cruz, a former U.S. Postal and Discovery team member and Olympian, said he hasn’t heard a thing from Rock officials in three weeks. “I don’t even know my status with the team,” he told VeloNews.

He said that there was an air of “uncertainty” the last time he spoke with team officials.

Melinda Travis, a team spokeswoman, said that the UCI’s rejection of its application for an American Pro Continental license was a setback. She said the team is trying to figure out a plan B.

“In the coming weeks, we’ll have some announcements, but we don’t like to comment on speculation,” Travis said.

The team is attempting to register as a Mexican-based Continental team, a UCI spokesman said, and another cycling official in Europe said the team is trying to align with some of the sponsors and former riders from the defunct Spanish Murcia team.

Floyd Landis raced in Rock kit at the Tour of the Bahamas, where he won the time trial and was listed on the results sheet as “unattached.” However, at Arizona’s Valley of the Sun earlier this month, Landis raced in an OUCH jersey.

At 2009 Interbike Rock announced it would be selling bikes, components and wheels branded with its logo. However, the products don’t appear to be available for sale and are not mentioned on the team Web site.

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