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Jawohl! German Federation Finally Says Yes to 29ers

By Singletrack.com

While the UCI signed off on 29-inch bicycles racing in World Cup mountain bike events back in 2003, not every national cycling federation got onboard, such as Germany.

But it looks as though 29ers have converted yet another skeptic. The German Cycling Federation will allow racers to choose between 26-inch and 29-inch wheels for 2010. according to Revolution Sports, a German company that distributes a variety of American brands including Niner Bikes, Stans NoTubes and Titus Bikes.

Beginning January 2004, the UCI blessed 29ers, thanks in large part to Gary Fisher, who sought a change to the UCI rule that specified 26 inches as the maximum wheel diameter for mountain bikes. In a 2003 communiqué to UCI board officers, Regis Alexandre, then the UCI Mountain Bike Coordinator, said allowing 29ers, “does not oblige anyone to anything, [it] is simply a sign of openness and progress.” He continued by saying “there is no reason why this logical and positive development should not be beneficial to MTB.”

Seems it took a while for the German Cycling Federation to get that part of the memo.

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