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Compression Shorts, Bibs are 'Fit' for Cyclists

By Singletrack.com

The C400 bib short from Skins has different chamois, stitching and panels compared to the Pro range short. Courtesy photo
The C400 bib short from Skins has different chamois, stitching and panels compared to the Pro range short. Courtesy photo

Skins, one of the first players in the compression clothing category, continues to grow its range with a new line of cycling gear.

The new top-of-the-line collection is called “C400,” in keeping with updated technology across all Skins compression clothing. All the high-end Skins compression clothing is now called the “400 Series.”

The series uses body mapping instead of BMI (body mass index) to size and shape the pieces. The company scanned the bodies of more than 400 athletes (male and female) and took more than 800,000 measurements of the different shapes. From those measurements, they used 400 data points to design and size the new series. The end result is that Skins claims the new 400 Series compression clothing is more anatomically correct. The compression fabric also moves better with the body through the use of a new yarn called “MX.” MX yarn stretches and returns completely to original shape and is spun in the warp knit used in Skins compression.

The C400 range of cycling clothing uses MX yarn plus the 400 Series design to make premium cycling garments. The difference between the new C400 and the current “Pro” range is improved fit, updated compression and upgraded stitching and support. For instance, the C400 bib short has different stitching and panels compared with the Pro range short. The C400 short also uses a new chamois from Cytec developed for Skins.

USA Cycling has adopted Skins clothing in a three-year partnership to equip USAC athletes. Beginning in February 2010, Skins will provide its full range of competitive cycling apparel to USA Cycling racers in mountain, road, track and cyclocross. The agreement will remain in place through the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. In addition to USA Cycling, Skins sponsors Cycling Australia, Team Columbia-HTC, Rabobank and Team Milram.

“What is unique about the relationship we’ve established with USA Cycling is that we have the ability to develop and fine tune their competitive product assortment based on the actual specifications of the organization and its athletes,” Gregg Hemphill, of Skins America, said in a release.

The full release of the new Skins cycling range will occur in the USA in 2010.

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