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4,586 Racers and Hardly any Hitches

By Singletrack.com

Who said mountain bike racing is petering out in the U.S.? Four thousand five hundred and eighty six — that’s the official tally of men, women and children who participated in the 20th edition of the Iceman Cometh Challenge last November in Grand Traverse, Michigan.

Iceman Cometh Challenge race director Steve “Iceman” Brown has just wound up the official data on the 2009 event and the numbers are impressive.

“It does take time to wrap everything up,” Brown said in an email. “On to 2010!”

So, 4,586 racers are 4,586 potential hitches that can go off. Getting the 3,883 racers off the start line and onto the 28-mile, point-to-point course for the main event was just the start of the challenge behind the “Challenge.” Thirty start waves were needed to get the field going, with the first riders finishing as the final waves were starting.

Not only was there the main event, there were two other races; 410 children under 12 took part in their own event while 293 beginner racers took on an 8-mile course. Both those took place during the main Iceman Challenge.

Here’s a little video sampling of the 2009 Iceman:

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