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Blue Sky Velo Cup set for Saturday

Find tricks and treats at the Xilinx campus on October 31st. The tech campus will host the The Blue Sky Velo Cup – a spectator-friendly cyclocross event that will bring entertainment and the nation’s best cyclocross racing to the Front Range . Free to all spectators, this is a must-see for fans of Halloween and cycling alike!

What is cyclocross? Cyclocross is a form of bicycle racing known for lung-searing cycling efforts over a mixture of paved roads, off-road surfaces and numerous obstacles. The obstacles, both natural and man-made, define the course. At the Blue Sky Velo Cup spectators can expect to see bicycle racers charge through mud pits, off-camber corners, a sand pit, stairs, whoop-de-doos and signature man-made barriers. These barriers will be at least 16-inches (40cm) high and will force all but the most skilled riders to dismount. Riders will fly toward the barriers at speeds over 20mph, only to seamlessly dismount at speed, jump the barriers and then jump back on the bicycle. This display of athleticism is a thing of beauty to behold and usually makes the barrier sections the most popular areas for spectators.

The Blue Sky Velo Cup is popular with racers and spectators alike. This year it will be better than ever. Organized as part of the North American Cyclocross Trophy, it provides international points and will draw the best racers in the United States to the Longmont course. Expect to see Tim Johnson, Jeremy Powers and Olympian Todd Wells battle local legends like Brandon Dwight and Matt Pacocha ( for supremacy. In the women’s race, look for Katie Compton, the world’s number-1-ranked female cyclocrosser, to continue her battle with Georgia Gould and the powerful Luna Chix team. Cheer on your favorite with cowbells courtesy of the Blue Sky Cycle Club.

The racing won’t be the only action at the Blue Sky Cup. Coffee and hot chocolate will provide energy and comfort courtesy of the Stone Cup; SmokeShack BBQ will fuel the fun with a selection of savory smoked meats; face-painting will be free to children from 11am until 1pm; a vendor expo will display numerous cycling and non-cycling products and the Niwot High School Marching Band will fill the crisp fall air with a bold soundtrack worthy of the race action. It’s Halloween, find out what ghosts and goblins will be lurking around at the Blue Sky Velo Cup.

Racing and activities take place October 31, from 8am to 4pm come rain, sun or snow. Address is 3100 Logic Drive , to find out more, get directions or register for the race, log on here. http://www.blueskyvelo.com/cx/bsvcup.aspx