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Mailbag: Drivers’ reading habits, the ATOC route and more

Who says newsprint is dead?

Who says newsprint is dead?

Photo: Dan Simard

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Driver inattention


Talking on your cell or texting is now illegal around here. It may not stop people from reading while driving though! Your article reminded me of this photo I took. Notice the driver of the blue car!

Have a nice day.

Dan Simard,
Gatineau, Quebec

Don’t mess with that


re: The road-rage trial

Why, why, why try and mess with a moving 2-ton behemoth driven by an emotional (or for that matter an unemotional) driver? you can’t win.

Do the injured riders feel better about themselves as a result of swearing at the crazed doctor driving the vehicle? After an episode like that I doubt I would ever want to mount a bike again.

Ride in single file when traffic is coming and use the geek mirror; want to be macho try mixed martial arts, not rumbling with a force you can’t beat.

Sherman Lawson,
Templeton, California

Too much coverage


Maybe it is just me, but I do not enjoy all of the coverage of the Dr. Thompson vs Cyclist story.

I realize that cyclists are vulnerable on the roads, but do not want to hear about it every time I look for cycling news.

Lee Simril,
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Take the lane


Kudos to the reader who submitted the take the lane letter. It is with that ideal that I always have and always will ride.

Bicycles have every right to the traffic lanes as cars. And to those cyclists who are also drivers, set the example when passing fellow cyclists: slow down and give them the space and courtesy that you’d like to see given to yourself.

Jon Henry,
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Unimpressed with ATOC route


I’m excited to see the race moved to May. But the route?

Modesto,Visalia,and … Bakersfield?

I thought the move to May was to prepare riders for the Tour. The Central Valley is flat,flat,flat. Not to mention the worst air quality in the nation.

The Central Valley used to be the agriculture center of the state. Now it’s all about untamed urban sprawl and smog. How cool would it be to start in the valley and end at the foot of Yosemite Falls. Also, a TT in downtown LA? OOH! How picturesque.

Seriously, a weak effort.

Eric Bensen,
Templeton, California

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