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Jacques-Maynes wins Sea Otter circuit

By Ben Delaney

09 Sea Otter: Andy Jacques-Maynes delivers

09 Sea Otter: Andy Jacques-Maynes delivers

Photo: Brad Kaminski

Team Bissell again put its number to use in the Sea Otter circuit, stacking the two key moves of the day with riders. Andy Jacques-Maynes and Jeremy Vennell rode the last few laps together with Colavita’s Luis Amaran, with Jacques-Maynes attacking over the last climb and holding his gap to the finish.

Astana’s Levi Leipheimer rode comfortably in the group behind. With the three-time Tour of California champion riding the front of the chase, that group eventually whittled down to a small front group of about 10.

The critical move was established as a counter to a six-man move, which stayed away for a few laps.

“Right as the catch was made Jeremy went off,” Jacques-Maynes said. “It was right when everybody was just totally gassed, and trying to save something for the hill. Jeremy went, Luis followed and I followed him out. And nobody else came with us. I think everybody else at that point was just breathing out of their eyeballs, it had been back and forth for three laps before that.”

09 Sea Otter: Leipheimer drove the chase, lap after lap.

09 Sea Otter: Leipheimer drove the chase, lap after lap.

Photo: Ben Delaney

Jacques-Maynes’ win capped off a successful weekend of racing for Bissell, which had a special fan at the finish — Fausto Pinarello, who sponsors the team with his family’s bicycles.

Amaran had also been in the six-man move, and was understandably tired at the finish.

“At the end of the race I didn’t have any power left,” Amaran said through a translator.

After the finish, Leipheimer looked fresh, and said he was happy to have the good training. He lingered for a while afterwards, signing autographs and posing with excited fans.

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Men’s Circuit Race
1. Andy Jacques-Maynes Bissell Pro Cycling in 2:44:18
2. Luis Amaran Colavita Sutter Home in 2:44:30
3. Jeremy Vennell Bissell Pro Cycling in 2:44:51
4. Kirk Obee Bissell Pro Cycling in 2:47:00
5. Levi Leipheimer Astana in 2:47:22
6. Alejandro Borrajo Colavita Sutter Home in 2:47:22
7. Ben King Fly V Australia in 2:47:22
8. Ben Jacques-Mayne Bissell Pro Cycling in 2:47:22
9. Morgan Schmitt Bissell Pro Cycling in 2:47:22
10. Caleb Fairly Felt-Vmg in 2:47:22
11. Paul Mach Bissell Pro Cycling in 2:47:22
12. Christopher Jones Team Type 1 in 2:48:09
13. Alex Howes Garmin-Holowesko-Felt in 2:48:10
14. Peter Latham Bissell Pro Cycling in 2:48:42
15. Cody Oreilly Bissell Pro Cycling in 2:50:06
16. Vincent Owens Hdr P/b Lombardi Sports in 2:50:25
17. Jacques Janse Van Rensburg Dcm Chrome in 2:51:59
18. Tyler Dibble California Giant Berry in 2:51:59
19. Tim Farnham Bissell Pro Cycling in 2:51:59
20. Jared Barrilleaux California Giant Berry in 2:51:59
21. Roman Van Uden Land Rover-Orbea in 2:51:59
22. Evan Elken Land Rover-Orbea in 2:51:59
23. Carson Miller Land Rover-Orbea in 2:51:59
24. Justin Kerr Liquid Cycling in 2:51:59
25. Rudolph Napolitano Liquid Fitness-Adage in 2:51:59
26. Hayden Brooks Fly V Australia in 2:51:59
27. Chris Winn Rmcef/westside Cycling in 2:51:59
28. Zack Stein Iscorp/nova Cycle in 2:51:59
29. Evan Hyde Nashville Cyclist.com in 2:51:59
30. Ian Holt Rmcef in 2:51:59
31. Neil Coleman Gwr/3vi/swindon/spuik in 2:51:59
32. Mike Northey Land Rover-Orbea in 2:51:59
33. Matt Landen Liquid Fitness-Adage in 2:51:59
34. Dylan Jones Bode in 2:51:59
35. Ryan Ramos Unattached in 2:51:59

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