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Schumacher wants to ride

Schumacher says he should get his license and have his contract honored.

Schumacher says he should get his license and have his contract honored.

Photo: Graham Watson

Stefan Schumacher told a German newspaper on Sunday that despite the fact that he tested positive for CERA at this summer’s Tour de France that he “never resorted to doping” and fully intends to ride for Quick Step in 2009.

Despite his plans to ride, Schumacher conceded that he has is uncertain if he will be able to pull it off in time to join the Belgian team.

“I am innocent, I like my job,” Schumacher told Germany’s Sonntag Aktuell. “I’m only 27 years old and I’m super motivated. I want to win races and want to get my career back on track.”

Schumacher said he has filed a request to renew his license for 2009.

“At this point, there is no reason why the German federation should refuse that request,” Schumacher said. “There is no case proceeding against me.”

Schumacher’s future also remains in doubt in that the Quick Step team announced in October that his 2009 contract would not be honored in light of his positive test for the new EPO variant, CERA.

“I understand that the situation is not easy for Quick Step, but I
I’m sure we go can discuss the situation and reach an acceptable arrangement,” Schumacher said. “What is the issue? There’s no case and I have a valid contract. I want to win races for Quick Step.”

Schumacher was one of four riders caught by a new blood test for CERA conducted by the French national anti-doping agency (AFLD). Schumacher created interest this July when he unexpectedly won both individual time trials at the Tour de France, a specialty in which he has not excelled in the past.

Schumacher has threatened to sue AFLD for defamation and has questioned the validity of the new test for CERA.

“Because I know I am innocent I know there is something wrong with the process,” he said. “At this point, though, I cannot say what that problem might be.”

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