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What happened in Kansas City stays in Kansas City.

Plus, an exclusive interview with Ry-Ry

A very short couch, looks like.

A very short couch, looks like.

Photo: Jeremy Powers

Bad days come and go. Everyone has one, no one’s immune to a real day “rocker.” It just happens.

Well folks, I had mine last weekend and it sucked. Another year is gone and the opportunity at the national title will have to wait 362 days before I get another crack at that jersey.

The race was over and done with and I barely even showed up to the race. I never put my face in the wind, I didn’t contribute to my teammates and it was the day I was dreamin’ and screaming about all season long!

So, do you think I was disappointed? Hell yah, I was. Is it the end of my world though? Not really.

You might be wondering how I botched that race. Looking back (believe me, there wasn’t much to reflect on) I was sick during the week prior and even feelin’ like crap that last Sunday in Portland. It was one of those head colds that I define as a “lingerer.” It came and went, hot and cold sweats, I’d ride hard and it’d come back worse the next day.

So, I gave my body a pamper treatment all week; slept like it was going out of style, stopped drinkin’ coffee and instead drank all kinds of fruit and vegetable concoctions, took more vitamin C, Echinacea and Goldenseal than any human should ever consume. It didn’t help, I was weak when I got to KC and I didn’t have the legs and got my butt kicked allllllll over Tiffany Springs Park last Sunday.

As a racer you become numb to the races you lose because, a lot of the time, you lose. It’s hard to win all the time and most of the time, you don’t! Plus U.S. cyclocross stepped up this year and had so many hungry elite men, it was as Dave Towle says, “on like Donkey Kong” all season, every weekend and the W’s were hard to come by.

As I leave the United States and go forward with the next six weeks of racing in Euro-land it’s important to keep the six inches between my ears strong. I have to focus on the goals that are still on tap for the remainder of the season through the world championships in February and not let one result in KC get me all worked up.

Everyone knows the racing in Europe is hard. It’s so different than a race like Gloucester or Kansas City. At every race in Europe, the starts are flat out, you’re bangin’ bars in the corners and some guy from a country you’ve never been to or heard of will chop you.

I’ll do my part and keep you updated on how the Euro campaign unfolds in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I decided to do a “lightning round” of questions for my new Belgian house-mate to keep this interesting; Ladies and Gentlemen, Ryan Trebon:

JP: Okay, Ryan. Who’s your favorite celebrity?
Ry-Ry: Dave Chappelle

JP: OK, two part question: Do you like Britney Spears? What about her music?
Ry-Ry: No, I like her body though. Yes, I mean; no …?

JP: What magazines do you have subscriptions to?
Ry-Ry: Car and Driver, Road and Track, Newsweek, Automobile

JP: Latest impulse buy?
Ry-Ry: Toyota Truck, A 2002 Tacoma

JP: Facebook? Cool or Whack?
Ry-Ry: Whack

JP: Todd or Troy Wells? (Generally speaking)
Ry-Ry:: Todd

JP: London or Paris?
Ry-Ry: Never been to London

JP: Where do you shop for groceries?
Ry-Ry: The grocery store?

JP:Do you like Ry-Ry as a nick name?
Ry-Ry: No

That’s all I’ve got this week, after a hectic travel day, I’m off to relax and get some much needed sleep here in Belgium, Thanks for reading.

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