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Trek-Volkswagen's Jeremiah Bishop wins The Iceman Cometh

Written by: The Editors

Trek-Volkswagen rider Jeremiah Bishop claimed the men’s win at this weekend’s 10th annual Iceman Cometh, a Michigan mountain bike race that caps registration at 2000 because of its immense popularity. In his first attempt, Bishop set a course record on the 27-mile course of 1:28:31.

In the women’s race, Amanda Carey (Kenda Titus Hayes), finished in 1:45:45, more than two minutes ahead of Susan Stevens (Brodie) and Heather Irmiger (Gary Fisher).

This was Carey’s biggest win in her first year of pro racing. “Every time I felt myself falling back, I said nail it, it’s almost over,” Carey said after the race.

Bishop, the 2008 short track and marathon national champion, said just racing at the Iceman was a milestone.

“This race is like the Midwest world championships,” Bishop said. “It was unbelievably fast. I’ve dreamed of doing this race since I was a kid, so it was awesome to realize that dream. And to win too, well, that’s just awesome.”

Bishop finished ahead of Brian Matter (Gear Grinder) and Mike Anderson (Bell’s Beer) on the point-to-point course from Kalkaska to Traverse City.

“There was lots of rolling terrain, and strategy played a lot into this race,” Bishop said. “There was a lot of drafting, so we [the lead riders] really opened it up on the fast, flowing terrain.”

“I had studied the course the day prior, so I knew that the last mile and a half included a fresh cut, slick singletrack,” he said. “I also knew that 2,000 riders traversing the terrain would make it really slow — a perfect place to launch an attack. That’s where I gave it my all, and with a log jump leading into a steep uphill, followed by another technical section … I didn’t look back.”

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