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Amanda Carey, Team Kenda Titus Hayes, dominates Iceman

Written by: The Editors

Amanda Carey, Kenda Titus Hayes, dominated the women’s field at the Iceman race this past weekend in Traverse City, MI.

Racing in near perfect conditions, she covered the 27 miles from Kalkaska to Traverse City in 1:45:45, more than two minutes ahead of Susan Stevens and Heather Irmiger.

This was Amanda’s biggest win in her first year of pro racing capping a great first season which included top 10 results on the NMBS circuit and wins at several regional events. “Every time I felt myself falling back, I said nail it, it’s almost over,” Carey said after the race.

Amanda rode with the leading group of women until the rolling hills leading up to the Williamsburg road crossing at mile 16. Climbing through the crowd that lined both sides of the course, she hammered up the climb and never looked back until crossing the finish line 35 minutes later.

Teammate Danielle Musto, a local crowd favorite, came through in eighth for a second team top ten finish. Wendy Caldwell finished third in the women’s expert field for her best finish to date as well.

In the men’s race, Andy Schultz paired with Colin Cares (USA U23) in an elite group that included Andy’s brother Sam (Fisher), Jeremiah Bishop and Mike Simonson (Trek).

While Andy led by large margin at the 1/2 way point, the chasing group brought everything back together by mile 23. With less than a mile to go, a total of seven men were still battling for the finish. At the end, Andy finished in 5th with Colin taking 4th. Only 27 seconds separating the top five men who all finished with times under 1:30. Colin Cares will join the team officially in 2009.

In the Iceman Battle of the Bulge, team director David Myers, took home the win against team sponsor Jim Wannamaker. However, a protest was lodged over dinner and with times adjusted for text messaging course updates (Myers) and assisting other riders (Wannamaker), the two agreed to a tie.

Following the race, the riders visited the Dexter, MI middle school to talk to the students about the life of a pro cyclist as well as their academic careers. Amanda talked about helmet safety using eggs and styrofoam to demonstrate the effects wearing, or not wearing a helmet. Andy entertained groups with e-stim muscle recovery, Danielle rode circles around the kids, and Wendy demonstrated various stretching and other exercises for core body strength. She did not lose to any kids in the push-up contest.

This event was hosted by the Joan C. Banfield Foundation a team partner for educational programs focused on fitness and academics.

With the Iceman behind us, that wraps up another season of mountain bike racing. Next season will be upon us before the snow melts. The team will gather again at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo next February.

Until then, our thanks to all our sponsors, friends and family for their support
this year.

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