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Powers and Compton win in Cincinnati

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The course at England-Idlewild park rattled bones and tuned wheels to tacos at the Darkhorse Cyclo-Stampede UCI C-2 in Burlington, Kentucky on Friday, October 12th. The Cincinnati area hasn’t seen a soaking in weeks and the victims of the pounding course lined up for post-race massages at the Wellington Orthopedic tent throughout the day.

The 80 degree heat compounded the hurt. In the Men’s race, after a lap-3 bike change which sent Barry Wicks (Kona) on the defensive, Jeremy Powers (Cyclocrossworld.com) took advantage for the win.

For the women, it wasn’t until lap 5 where National Champion Katie Compton (Spike Professional/Primus Mootry) put in a dig near the “horseshoe” chicane and shook Olympian Georgia Gould (Luna) off her wheel and escape to the finish.

In the Men’s Elite race, Powers and Danish National Champion Joachim Parbo (CCV Leopard Cycles) put the pedal to the metal at the gun and led to the holeshot with Barry Wicks in tow and Vitamin Cottage’s Jonathan Baker not too far off the pace.

When Wicks met Powers, it was game-on and Parbo paid the price. That was just the beginning of Powers show of cross-power. On the same lap, Powers punched it opening a gap on Wicks around a tight off camber around a tree, but it was a little too early. Wicks closed it quickly with a “nasty” effort through the start finish which had a domino drop effect on Baker and Trek’s Jeremiah Bishop.

Wicks well of good fortune dried up on lap 3 when he took a bike change. J-Pow smelled blood and drilled it. Now away solo, he extended the lead by hopping a big log barrier to the cheers of the crowd. That move left Bishop, Baker and Wicks struggling to close it down and Powers in the lead for good. With Wicks dangling, it was Bishop who showed his short-track strength with a hard move that boosted him solidly into second.

Powers lead increased to nearly a minute through laps 4-6. At this point, the battle was for third between Wicks and a sweaty faced Baker. Before the barriers on lap 4, Baker got rattled on a bumpy off camper uphill U-turn and Wicks blasted by to claim third.

Parbo was still back and now closing on Baker. Parbo made contact and the duo worked together till the last lap where Parbo punched the pedals of his new carbon Leopard Cycles rig just before the barriers. Baker couldn’t answer. In the end it was all Powers with nearly a minute lead. He and Bishop both celebrated early by hopping the last lap barriers to the hoots of the Cincinnati spectators.


Elite Men
1. Jeremy Powers Cyclocrossworld.com
2. Jeremiah Bishop Trek Factory
3. Barry Wicks Kona
4. Joachim Parbo Ccv Leopard Cycles
5. Jonathan Baker Vitamin Cottage
6. Troy Wells Team Clif Bar
7. Mark Lalonde Planet Bike
8. Brian Matter Gear Grinder
9. Erik Tonkin Kona/fsa Factory Team
10. Weston Schempf C3-Sollay.com
11. Brent Prenzlow Celo Pacific/alan
12. Nathan Wyatt Carolina Fatz/santa Cruz/sram
13. Steve Tilford Trek Stores
14. Mike Sherer Pony Shop
15. Justin Robinson California Giant Berry Farms/specialized
16. Justin Hines Handlebarscc
17. Joshua Johnson Big Shark Racing
18. Dave Weaver Alan N. America Cycling Team
19. Michael Wissink Specialized
20. Ernesto Marenchin Speedgoat.com
21. Andrew Messer Drt Racing
22. John Bailey Bailey Bikes
23. Benjamin Popper Hrs / Rock Lobster
24. Guy Vankrimpen Rapid City Cycle
25. Bill Stolte Hrrc/trek Stores
26. Andrew Llewellyn Calistoga Racing Team
27. Ryan Knapp Bikereg.com
29. John Behrens Bailey Bikes
30. Greg Wittwer Alan North America Cycling Team
31. Shawn Adams Lake Effect
33. Isaac Neff Alderfer Bergen
33. Zachary Edwards Drt Racing
34. Nick Tinsler Darkhorse Racing-Rpc Mechanical
35. Aaron Hawkins Chrysalis Ventures Cycling
36. Rick Toler Team Kreitler Rollers
37. Andy Burns Central Ohio Bike Club

Did Not Finish
Nicholas Weighall Rad Racing/hagens Berman
Mike Purvis Barbasol
Mike Kennedy Barbasol
Mitchell Kersting Barbasol
Ryan Gamm Inferno Pro Cycling
Guillaume Dessibourg Team Bmc-Teker
Steve Fisher Rad Racing/hagens Berman

Elite Women
1. Katie Compton Spike Professional/primus Mootry
2. Georgia Gould Luna Women’s Mtb Team
3. Sue Butler Monaviecannondale.com
4. Deidre Winfield Velo Bella – Kona
5. Devon Haskell The Pony Shop
6. Barbara Howe Velo Bella
7. Kristin Wentworth Planet Bike
8. Anne Schwartz Flying Rhino Cycling Club
9. Annajean Dallaire Barbasol, Sobe/cannondale
10. Kari Studley Velobella
11. Lauri Webber Secret Henry’s Team
12. Jennifer Maxwell Team Kenda Tire
13. Catherine Walberg Trek
14. Melanie Swartz
15. Kimberly Flynn Vantaggio/ Specialized
16. Amanda Mckay Biowheels/reece-Campbell Racing
17. Deb Whitmore Bmw Bianchi
18. Shannon Gibson Velobella
19. Marne Smiley
20. Cara Applegate Bmw-Bianchi P/b Hendrick Bmw

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